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06 April 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Malaysia Review  
Quick Review of what all the boys did over the weekend in Malaysia.
  • Brawn carried on dominating the season, but a 5 place grid penalty for Rubens and only qualifying 4th meant he started the race from 9th.
  • Piquet was a non-entity, he really didn't do much during the whole race.
  • The big story was Ferraris totally mess up of the weekend which saw Massa out Q1 after only doing 4 laps, and then the race stradgey not working out for them.
  • Felipe was also a part of the funniest moment of the weekend. After freaking out over not being able to see anything when the rain came Rob Smedley radioed Felipe 'Felipe baby keep cool'... Lots of laughs xD.
  • Felipes teammate also gave us a few laughs when the Finn after the race had been red flagged decided to give up for the day and go eat an ice cream.
  • Good news for Piquet racing as Brazilian Nunes won the GP2:Asia Feature race aswell, so congrats to them.
10 Minutes I'll have the LMS Barcelona pics up and another 10 after that I'll have the Malaysian GP pics up.