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23 March 2009 @ 04:52 pm
Ayrton Sennas Birthday  
I know this is DEADLY late my bad. But this is just a blog to celebrate Ayrton Senna on his birthday.

49 Years ago, in Brazil, Ayrton Senna, Uncle of our Bruno, was born.

Nearly 15 years ago on May 1st, Ayrton was taken from the world and his family during the Imola Grand Prix 1994.

Ayrton had won 3 F1 World Championships, battling hard against one of the other greats of the sport Alain Prost aswell as Nigel Mansell.

His career saw him break the record for most pole positions, as he laid down his legacy of one of the fastest and greatest F1 drivers to live. His pole record was only broken by Michael Schumacher (after a lot more races then Ayrton had driven aswell).

This year we will celebrate the 15 year anniversary of his death. I say Celebrate because the time for mourning him is over, Ayrton would not want people to mourn him, but to celebrate what he achieved and what he stood for.

People even say now when Ayrton was about to talk the whole room would go quiet, for what he said was always worth listening to. His kindness spoke for itself as he scratched his name into the history books one day at a time.

His love and passion for the sport saw a greatness that might never be seen again. Stories of how at one with his cars are legendary. His legacy will live on as long as this sport we love stands.

So today, like the 1st of May we Celebrate the life of one of the greatest men to live. And hope where ever he is now he is at peace with the world and happy.

So remember Ayrton Senna.